Do the 3D tours or the links ever expire?

No, 3D tours can be used for the purposes of long term marketing, and the tours are hosted online with no expiration date.


Do you provide aerial (drone) photography?

Yes!  In the second half of 2016, the FAA made it legally possible for businesses, professional photographers, and realtors to use drones for commercial purposes if the pilot passes an aeronautical knowledge exam at an approved FAA testing center and obtains a remote pilot airman certificate with a small UAS (unmanned aircraft system) rating.  Dan, the photographer and owner of DJZ Photography, is now a licensed remote pilot with a small UAS rating (drones).  The pricing for aerial (drone) photography starts at $120 for around 5 photos.


After you take the pictures and edit them, how does the realtor get them?

The easiest way is for me to put them online, and then send the realtor a link to download all the pictures in a .zip file.  For a typical MLS photo shoot, on weekdays I typically have them edited, finalized, and delivered within 1-2 business days.  Photos taken on Friday will be completed over the weekend and delivered the following Monday at the latest. If you have a specific deadline I can often work to accommodate that.


What payment types do you accept?

We prefer cash or check, but we can also accept credit cards with a Square Card Reader or payments via PayPal invoices.  You can make checks out to "DJZ Photography."


When is payment due?

Up front is preferred, but if that is not possible then within 14 days of the photo shoot.  In exchange for paying for the photos, you are granted permission to use the copyrighted images.  In situations where an individual is paying for photos of their own home or "For Sale by Owner" photo shoots, payment is due up front at the time of the photo shoot. (Because I can't call your boss if you don't pay!)


When someone pays for photos, do they get the exclusive license to do whatever they want with the photos?

You can use the photos for the purposes of marketing and selling the property that was photographed.  Someone hiring us for photography cannot transfer or sell usage rights to others, or use them for purposes other than marketing the property, unless other purposes are discussed and agreed upon.  Even though we send you all the photos and allow their use, we still own the copyright and retain the rights to use the photos for anything, including (but not limited to) websites, marketing, and other promotional material.  Click here for my general license to use which applies in most standard home listing situations.