In many situations, taking photos & video from a higher elevation is beneficial for commercial or residential real estate marketing.  This is especially true if a property has a lot of acreage, water frontage, multiple buildings, or has a unique shape or surroundings.  By offering an additional view, aerial (drone) photography is a great way to catch the attention of potential buyers.  

Dan, the owner and photographer for DJZ Photography, is an FAA certified remote pilot with a small UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) rating.

Aerial (drone) photos start at $120 for around 5 standard daytime photos.  If an aerial video is being created, a few aerial photos can be included at no extra charge.

A property video around 2 minutes in length is $350.  This can be an aerial video, an interior video (shot with a DSLR on a gimbal), or a combination of the two.  All videos will be shot in 4K and include a premium quality soundtrack.  If you would like to request a shorter or longer video, feel free to contact me for rates.  Options for the video include informational text, property lines that track the terrain, animated titles, and more.  

If you have a specific genre of music you prefer, please let me know and I will do my best to find a good fit.

Check out the samples below!

Video Gallery

Aerial Photo Gallery