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The Many Faces of the Godox AD200 (AKA Flashpoint eVOLV 200)

I previously wrote a post about the different lights that I use, and that article touched on the AD200 options briefly… but I wanted to look more specifically at some of the available AD200 accessories and how they affect the spread of light from the AD200 with it’s three different heads. Documenting these tests with images will help me know which heads and modifiers are best in various situations, and hopefully it will help others as well. Maybe you won’t have to buy as many accessories as I did!

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What Equipment Do I Use? Taking a Look at Lights

After some recent emails from other photographers asking me what flashes/strobes/lights I use, I thought to myself, "Hey, if I get questions about lights, it must be interesting enough to make a blog post!"  In this review & comparison I'm going to take a look at the lights I use, how bright they are, and what their light spreads are like for direct flash use.

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