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Real Estate Photography has become the most important aspect of advertising houses, condos, and properties online.  Your home (as a homeowner) or listing (as a real estate agent) can attract more buyers and receive higher offers if you have great looking photos taken by a professional real estate photographer.  When potential home buyers are searching for homes online, uploaded photos become their first impression of the listing, and may determine whether they go to see the property.  When people have already seen the property in person and are considering the purchase, they often revisit the photos as part of the decision making process.  It’s important for photos to represent the landscapes and designs of homes in the best way possible!  This has become my goal with every listing, big or small. 

Currently serving the Greater Grand Rapids area, Gull Lake, Lake Michigan Lakeshore, and West Michigan.

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MLS Photos

MLS photo pricing is based on the number of photos requested.  You can specify any shots and angles you would prefer, or have me select the angles that (in my experience) will help maximize the property's market appeal.

A smaller house or condo typically will only require around 20 photos to capture the most appealing views and angles, while larger houses, houses with many unique or upgraded features, and properties with waterfront or acreage tend to benefit from a higher number of photos.

Below are guidelines for photo rates.  Photo quantities not shown are prorated, e.g. 35 photos would be $255.


With any photo package, I can provide a complimentary brochure, flyer, or slideshow video with music if requested.

Other paid services offered are aerial photos, floorplans, and deluxe virtual tours.

Above prices reflect locations within ~24 miles of 49316.  Listings more than 24 miles from 49316 can be done at an additional cost for time and gas, as shown on this page.  Rates may change without notice, and will always be accurately reflected on this page.


Commercial, Marketing & Custom Photography

I also provide photos for commercial properties, marketing, large rental properties, apartment complexes, custom homes, interior design, and other settings where beautiful photos are needed.  Pricing would be based on a number of factors that I look forward to discussing with you.


How do you want to present a property?  

(Before & After)

Interior photography can be challenging because the outside is much brighter than the inside, and daylight appears blue on camera compared to light bulbs which produce an orange-yellow light.  In addition, many areas of the inside of a house or building might appear dark or uninteresting.  Walking into the room with a nice camera and a nice flash pointed at the space does not overcome these obstacles automatically.  I put full effort into overcoming these obstacles on every photo shoot in order to present the beauty of a property in the best light possible (pun intended), often using multiple specifically placed wireless off-camera flashes and/or multiple exposures hand blended in Photoshop.

Below you can see examples of photos taken before I meticulously light and edit the scene, compared to photos after I light and edit them with a high degree of effort.




"Your photographer rocks!  Forgive my language, but those are some bad “#$!” pictures of my home!  Great job!"


"They look great again!! Thank you for being so quick."


"Nice job with regards to these photos. My sellers are very happy"


"These turned out so great!  Thanks again for your efforts and for having them processed so quickly!"


"Thanks for the pictures, they look great!   We are very pleased with how they turned out and think you have done a great job in helping us showcase the house.  We also really enjoy the virtual tour."


"Thank you Dan. Great job with the pictures!"


"Thank you so much!  The pictures came out great. We have been showing them off since yesterday. :-)"


"Wow Dan, they are absolutely beautiful."