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What Equipment Do I Use? Taking a Look at Lights

After some recent emails from other photographers asking me what flashes/strobes/lights I use, I thought to myself, "Hey, if I get questions about lights, it must be interesting enough to make a blog post!"  In this review & comparison I'm going to take a look at the lights I use, how bright they are, and what their light spreads are like for direct flash use.

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DJI Product History Timeline (Drones, Gimbals & Cameras)

I was doing an internet search for a consolidated timeline of DJI product releases over the past few years because I was curious about how often they come out with new drones, gimbals, and cameras.  I couldn't really find any page that had a consolidated list... all I could find with product release dates was their news archive.  So, I went ahead and while I was "relaxing" and watching a movie one evening, compiled a list of (most of?) DJI's product releases of interest since July 2012 based on their press release archive.

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